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The biggest event in everyone’s life. Along with all the exhilaration, weddings also bring itself a mammoth of planning, hard-work & a lot of worries. Shaadismart is a single source web portal, which takes care of almost everything that you need to be at ease while making arrangements for your special day. is a one stop shop for all your wedding needs. is an informative, user-friendly website that guarantees best available prices in the market. Our goal is to provide the users, from every corner of India the most accessible and cost-effective way of discovering and booking the broadest selection of Wedding spends.


To help wedding families with fast, free and reliable information and effortlessly discover, book &enjoy their life’s best event – Shaadi. Why Us?

  • Our services are free of cost to our customers and vendors. That means prices are low and customers are happy.
  • We provide information which is trusted and reliable to the customers because customer satisfaction and ease of accessibility is our motto.
  • The users can directly contact the vendors. This leads to elimination of middle man.


Range of vendors

Shaadismart offers a multitude of services to our client/customer. Shaadismart offers a wide range of vendors. The idea is to provide convenient andefficient service.

Instant Booking

Online payment just like buying/selling electronics on the internet. A payment window, which will allow consumers to block the dates of the vendors by paying a nominalamount.

A clean informative website. No advertising on website

We have been cautious in keeping our website clean and uncluttered for an uninterrupted browsing/buying experience.

Direct Contact with the vendors

Now eliminate the middle man with Shaadismart. Select the vendor that is suitable to you and connect to the vendor directly.

Honest and transparent rating system

Rating system is based on Quality of product/services, Consumer review, Proportional amenities, value for money, number of views, conversion rates,etc. Basis this rating system, the best of the vendors are provided for

Strong consumer feedback and review system

Now We motivate consumers to give as much feedback and review for the services they have used. This willhelp us in improvising on our services and identifying problems if any by providing solutions for the same.

Innovative impetus

What is a fad today might become a cliché tomorrow. We atShaadismart allow innovation to assist consumer’s habits and taste, ensuring innovation at fore.

All of this at no cost.