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Best Wedding Mehandi in Mumbai
Showing 4 mehandis

Raju mahandi artist


1.5k Starting Price
Packages Coming Soon

Rajasthani Mehandi

Indira Nagar

5k Starting Price
Packages Coming Soon

Pushpa Mehndi Arts


5k Starting Price
Packages Coming Soon

Vishnu Mehandi

Indira Nagar

300 Starting Price
Packages Coming Soon
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Tips To Hire The Best Bridal Mehndi Artist

Mehndi is one of the most important traditional pre-wedding ceremony. Indian weddings are carried out along with a major emphasis on traditions and rituals. The Mehandi is an integral part of the wedding and it is very important for the bride to get the best bridal mehndi artist in Bangalore for her special day. Along with other important aspects to look after while holding a wedding, a mehndi artist for the bride is one of the prime factors to consider. Mehndi plays a vital role in making the bride look more beautiful on this auspicious day.

Nowadays, you can easily find a great mehndi artist online from different websites that are solely concerned with all the services that a wedding needs. You can book an artist online according to your choice and leave it to them for the hassle. But it must be kept in mind about the different aspects of the artist as in if they are actually capable of carrying out a full bridal mehndi in the appointed period of time. Here are some particular aspects that you need to keep in your mind while hiring mehndi artist in Bangalore:

1) Do your research

Before hiring your mehndi artist you must find the kind and style of mehndi design that you want. Pay attention to the latest trends and designs available in the market and choose according to your own preference. You can customize your own design by considering a bunch of different designs to make a unique mehndi.

2) Find the right Artist

Every artist has their own style in which they are comfortable. There are bridal mehndi artists in Bangalore who specializes in different styles like Rajasthani, Arabic, traditional Mughlai, and even glitter mehndi. Choose a mehndi artist who suits your style and preferences and meets your own requirements and create exquisite designs to make you look beautiful on your special day.

3) Get your budget fixed

Find an artist which meets your budget requirements as well as meets your design requirements. Most of them have a fixed package while many can change their rate according to the number of hands they have to apply upon. You can find few of the famous mehndi artist in Bangalore on various online websites who do mehndi in quite affordable rates.

4) Ingredients of the Mehndi

One of the most important factors you have to consider is the ingredients that the artist has put into the mehndi and the composition of the henna powder. If your skin or any of the people's skin who is going to wear mehndi with you, is sensitive, it is crucial to know the ingredients and adjust accordingly. Ask the artist what kind of henna they use, do they use a particular brand or do they mix their own henna. The composition and quality of the henna define how deep the color will come in your hands. One wrong ingredient can cause itchy and rough hands and can even induce an allergic reaction which could potentially ruin your wedding day.

5) Variety of Design

Ask your mehndi artist about the types of designs and styles they specialize in. Most best bridal mehndi artist in Bangalore knows how to incorporate different kinds of designs and make an innovative design for the bride and her bridesmaids. Check their portfolio and judge the kind of designs that they provide. Choose one that is most suitable for you.

6) Application time

Keep a check on how fast is the artist able to deliver your mehndi designs. If the artist takes forever to apply, it might rob you of some quality time with your friends and family. Thus, few of the best mehndi artist in Bangalore can apply henna to other guests too without wasting much time.